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Last week in Oz

This is our last week in Oz and I’m trying to live it up to the fullest. Im almost done with my presentation which I have to give on Monday so this weekend I was able t go out a bit.

After the bridge climb we sorta chilled out and caught up on some work. I think I had a good week because we ate so well. BU hosted a pasta night at this pub and that was yummy. It was also the firt time I’ve taken a doggy bag home from eating out here. The portions are much smaller. So like two nights later we ate at this Mexican restaurant and I had an awesome pork quesadilla and sangria. After the Mexican sit down we headed into Newtown and busted out some Karaoke. It was hilarious. Jade, Katie, Dani, Erica and I sang a Spice girls song and Aretha Franklin…I say a little Prayer for you…. “forever and ever you stay in my heart” it was beyond a mess. The Australians were no better, especially after the random bar fight. This guy was n top of another dude punching him in the back of his head and then picked up a stool to beat him with it. Once the bouncer came over and threw him out they put back on the music and everyone resumed singing like nothing happened. That was the second random fight since I’ve been here.

The next day everyone was dying during the last day of class. Some tried other hung-over. Don’t worry I was one of the tired ones.

Last night I went out with Chris and her co-workers at Time Out Sydney. John who is the music editor was DJing at Abercrombie Hotel. He got us in for free and got us free drinks. His music was awesome. Before we went he came to the unilodge and played some music for us. He had club mixes from all kinds of underground hip-hop artisits. We got to Abercrombie and I didn’t know what to expect. It was defiantly and Indie Crowd. Some of the music wasn’t my style but it was cool. Johns hour DJing was the highlight of the night. Rewind…. Before he starting spinning we were wandering around the hotel[club] and there were little party rooms upstairs, a little balcony and a roof top chill spot with outdoor heating lamps. We we’re hanging on the balcony and we were introduced to Caroline and Kaitlin. One was Pilipino and the other was Australian and Malaysian. So after my turn at Guitar Hero…. Yes they had guitar hero in the bar, we went to dance. Caroline and Kaitlin were the most pleasant surprises this entire trip. People who danced like me! I saw them dancing from a distance and I just had to go join the arms in the air, back rolling, neck rolling girls that reminded me of myself. Of course Australian guys were like :O The girls here dance very reserved like they do in London. No one puts their arms up, they stay right by their side the entire time. Its so weird.

Anyway…. Todayyyyy went to the Sydney Dance Company and took a jazz class. Now THAT was fun. IT was $18 well spent. My teacher was flamin’. I mean head set microphone, spandex and wife beater with blonde highlights. I had to stop myself from laughing at his dramatics. It felt so good after I haven’t danced in a while. After that Jade and I went to the Rocks again because they have markets on the weekends. Got some souvenirs for my family so that was cool. Now I’m going to take a nap at go to the Harbour maybe go bowling or something… 3 Days left. Oh Sydney :/ Definitely experiencing some mixed emotions.

Jul. 2nd, 2008

Yesterday was one of the best days here in Sydney.

First off we had class at the Sydney Opera House. We met with one of the execuative directors of Marketing and she gave a fabulous presentation. Afterwards they took us on a tour [which normally cost $35] for free. The grand hall is the most beautiful theatre I have ever been in [no pictures were allowed] and not only that but we got to see and listen the Sydney Symphony Practice! The history of the Sydney Opera House is incredibly interesting. I was astonished.

After that Jade and I ate our sandwiches by the Harbor and headed over the Museum of Contemporary Art. They had some pretty cool exibits. One was this huge display of pipes and liquid soap that formed a display of bubble foam that continuously piled up into cool swirly patterns. There was this one room with hammocks and funky music playing along to a relaxing light design. It was very hippieish. So the musem was cool, it had a decent giftshop too. I love giftshops. :]

So we ate at Pancakes on the Rocks...their bacon is Australia is huge by the way. After a nice full tummy we walked over to the Bridge Climb as anxious as could be!

I think this may have been one of the few highlights of my life. It took one hour to dress and put on all of the gear. We had headsets, head lamps, a fleece, a hat, a suit, windbreakers and a clamp to attach us to the wire. We did a practice run on a model inside. It was a group of us from the BU program and a girl named Amanda from Singapore. I'm sure she thought we were obnoxious Americans. Our leaders name was Chris and he did a great job seeing that we were safe and relaxed. So off we went all suited up, as the sun was setting. Nerves started kicking in but we were psyched! When you first go out you are already high up from the ground so immediately its like, omg how much higher will we be, no turning back now!? Up and Up and Up some more we went. Over the cars, over the trucks, over the trains.....over the WATER!!!!!!! We couldnt bring anything but our bodies up there. We had to remove all jewelry, hair pins, etc. incase they fall and crack someones windshield below. The sun was setting and the lights of the city were beginning to gleam. Before we knew it we were at the top. Chris would stop and tell us stories and take our pictures. It was so incredible I'm so glad I did it. Afterwards I felt so acomplished I couldn't wait to get on the blog and tell you guys all about it. By the way I ran out of internet in my room so I can only chat when I'm at school. No worries, today makes one week until I come home! Tonight is free pasta night and a huge Rugby game on TV. Friday we will try to do something for 4th of July, and I might even get a free ticket to Australian Idol lol

Heres the pics....

Blue Mountains

This weekend was an exciting one. The very much anticipated Blue Mountains trip was relaxing mentally but strenuous physically. Friday night we[Christina, Amy, Caroline, Jessie, Tori, Kimmie and I] got on the 7:00 train which took two hours and cost $12.00 to get to. As we were on the train we could feel the temperature dropping. But no worries, we were dressed for the weather. Kerry [ one of the Boston University advisors] and her husband picked us up from the train station and took three of us to the grocery store and the rest to the villa. We picked up food to make breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and fajitas for dinner the next day. When we arrived at the Villa I was so relievedand decided to leave my parents a message to put them out of their misery. It was so warm and cozy just liked I had imagined. One room had a king size bed were three of us slept comfortably and the other room had a queen and two twin beds. We had two full bathrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen. There was not an ounce of dust anywhere, just like Mamas house. It had aboriginal paintings and artifacts throughout. I think my favorite part about the house was the heated blankets! OMG I need to invest in a heated blanket ASAP. Okay so that night we celebrated with six dollar champagne and danced around the house like damn fools. Eventually we passed out under the warm blankets and had to wake up pretty early to start our exploring.

The next morning we went to a breakfast cafe in the cute little town of Katoomba [population 4,000 approx. the pop of Cardozo High school] and headed out the the Rail Road tour. The railroad was all of 15 seconds, the wackest ride I've ever been on. It took us down to see the mountains and land marks of the area. For some reason we thought were were Girlscouts and decided to take the harder hiking tour. We were climbing over tree trunks laying on paths, tripping over stones, getting smacked in the face by tree leaves, sliding down hills on our asses, jumping over mud patches etc.We were a hot mess, and probably hilarious to watch. Despite our fatigue we managed to belt out songs from Pocahanatas, Little Mermaid, Gula Gula Island just to name a few. I'm sure the expert hikers were through with us. OH well. lol After three ours of embarrassing ourselves in the wilderness we stopped for our pre-packed sandwiches and found the BEST cupcake place I have ever been to in my life. I had an apple cinnamon crumb cup cake. UNREAL. Like cupcakes shouldn't be that good. It actually makes me very sad to know that I won't ever have one from there again. Thank you Cupid's Cupcakes for changing my life.

That night we had fajitas. Although they were beyond yummy, it didn't sit too well with everyones stomach the next day. :[ We really bonded and this night we had a major heart to heart session, too tired to dance this time around. The next morning we made breakfast and then headed out to see the three sisters up close. The three sisters used to be seven mountains peeking out from a cliff where Aboriginal woman would go to give birth. It was females only, and is very spiritual place for them. Today, there are only three mountains left due to erosion from wind. So that was cool to see. The only bad thing about this trip is knowing that the pictures do the sights no justice! I tried my best to take pictures whenever I wasn't crawling through a bush LOL So the second day consisted of even more strenuous activity. This time we attempted to climb the Great stair case. We only went half way down and thank GOD! Coming back up was like death before my eyes. We ate lunch at this restaurant with a great view of the mountains and then we had to finish the rest of the hike. I must have the tightest ass ever after those two days of hiking. We were so tired we had to call a cab home. I've never been so happy to get into a car. We went back to the Villa and cleaned up. We packed our bags and then ran across the street to look at the mini mall. Ross, our advisors husband picked us up and took us to the train and we headed back to Sydney. Even though it was 9 at night it was still warmer in Sydney. We got pasta from this Chinese place [don't ask] and went and sat in the hot tub of the Unilodge. To our disappointment two sketchos were sitting in there speaking some foreign language. They would not get out! Of course with seven beautiful 20 year old woman in bikini's I couldn't have expected them to want to budge. Whatever..so we sat as far away from them as we could and stayed in for about 15 to relax our muscles. I'm so glad I got in the hot tub because I don't feel sore at all. I should be getting my stamina back up to par for dance this year anyway.

So now I'm back in Sydney ready to face the last week of class! :o I handed in my assignment this afternoon. Tomorrow we have class at the Opera House and then................................The Bridge Climb!!!!!!!!!!! woopeee!

Okay so I'm itching to come home now. I miss my family! I feel like I haven't seen them in years because I was only home for one week after school finished. You guys already know I miss Maurice and my friends so I don't even have to go there. Stay tuned for Bridge Climb updates... Oh and what you've been waiting for more PICTURES:


Last night we went to a play at the Sydney Theatre Company called "The Great" It was about the life of Catherine the Great and her love tribulations. Any way, I woke up this morning and I sit down at my Mac to check and see if anyone e-mailed or blogged me as usual when I hear Australian man voices from afar. I Open by blinds only to see a man standing directly outside my window yelling "Aye Mate" down to a guy apparently on the street. I was dumbfounded. Can someone please tell me why there are Australian men outside my window?

Last Day of Class before Break

Today was the last day of class before our vacation. The film festival is officially over. Our Professor, Fred Goldsworthy bought us champagne to celebrate. The music was awesome. Because they had some apparent color in their skin, some guy thought I was member of the band![ I should've lied for that free drink] We handed in our papers and our journals and now for the remainder of the time here we will only have the Events Promotions class. I like the professors and I think its interesting that we are going to different venues to talk to professionals but this class isn't all that I expected. I wanted to learn the business aspect of promoting a film specifically. I supposed some of this information will apply. I loved the film festival but I'm pretty certain that I want to direct my career towards the television industry.

We registered for the bridge climb today! We're going next Tuesday at 4:00. The first hour is instructional. They're going to give us climbing suits and strap us together, it will take us approximately 2 hrs to climb the bridge. We can't bring anything with us but they take a photo for you to keep afterwards. This is my last major expense while Im here. I am so excited, they had pictures of up famous people who have all done the climb such as Jodie Foster, Will Smith, and Daniel Radcliff [Harry Potter lol] We're going at night while the city is entirely lit up, it cost $160 per person. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is the "must-do" of Sydney. I'm sure you've seen the huge arc in the pictures I have on facebook, if you look very closely at the tip top of the arc you might be able to see people up there scared for their lives. :D I'll be one of them.

Tomorrow Jade and I are going to Bondi Beach. We might meet up with Iggy and Wayne to show us around. Bondi is the young fast paced beach town. If its warm like it was this afternoon we'll probably get in the water. Even in the winter the water is still relatively warm. The winters are too mild for it to cool down from the unbearable summers here. Thursday will probably be packing for Blue mountains this weekend and maybe going to the Botanic Garden.

Stay in touch,
Caron ,<3

P.S. Pics below


Topics from here to there.

I woke up late this morning so why am I so tired?! We had class and then I ran down to the State Theatre for a 2 oclock film. I hung out down there again and did the upscale store browsing on King Street. Louis Vuitton, Channel, Hugo Boss, Gucci. The LV store had a lot of stuff. I'm in love with the purple collection. Hmm 20 yrs old? I think its time for my first LV, what do you think Mommy? :] I feel more comfortable browsing here. In NY I feel like the sales people know that I'm not going to buy anything. But here they assume I'm from England and Im on vacation so I'm likely to shop. Also, when you buy something from some of the upscale stores and you show your passport you can get it for the U.S price, cool right?

So remember I spoke about the three girls leaving in the previous blog? Well the first one left and then the second one left because the third one told her she was definately leaving. How about the third one isn't leaving anymore. She's basically hanging around to see if anyone else wants to be her friend and then she's going to decide. So the poor second girl went home for no reason! Like my mom said, waste of a scholarship.

My friend Chris put me on to this British artist named Frou Frou, her music is really relaxing she has a myspace for anyone interested. Oh and Chris got me Cold Play from the music editor at her mag...free music, wee!

So i finished my paper and we go on break next week! We saw the pictures for the place we're staying in the Blue Mountains. Its really pretty! We're getting excited. The rest of the girls are going to Melbourne this weekend but I can't go because I have films, well that and my money is tight. I'm scared to check my account.... Come on Wamu, be on my side!!! lmao

Maurice is doing his thing, hustle and bustle acting stuff. So exciting to hear about. I could never do it. I've got to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my summer. I get back on the 10th, I'll be home for a week and then Florida for a week. August 1st or sometime that week I have to go down to Philly to get the keys to our new house and buy some furniture! I also have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Do you guys think I should bother to look for a job??? I'm thinking about bummin it. Going to free concerts at Bryant park, finding a good summer read, museums,beach of course, city lunches with Maurice, city lunches with Robbie and Daddy maybe even Pam! Bonding with Mommy before I go back for part II of my college experience and of course seeing all of my friends. Job? hmmmm.

Jun. 16th, 2008

So here's the deal with "Uggs"....They are made in China. Jade and I asked this guy who owns a shoe store. "UGH" is what they make here, and what we know as "UGG Australia" is a line not made in Australia but made in factories by underpaid Chinese. However I must say UGHs are hideous, they do not come in crotchte style, or multicolor, in fact they look pretty ragedy and should only be worn in the house. Which is probably why I haven't seen them being worn. So to all of the people who requested "Uggs" sorry, only made for the U.S.

P.S The U.s loses two points for being biters.

Over the hump.

Did laundry for the first time today, yea i packed pretty heavy...plus I've been stealing towels. Three dollars to wash three dollars to dry ouch! Rain for the past few days, it sucks. Especially knowing you guys at home are enjoying the sun shine. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I will call in a little bit, knowing you, you're probably still sleep. You are the best daddy in the world, from day one. Not many people can say that. Thank you.

My hair is a mess! There are no dominicans out here, damn. So I'm sad to announce that I may come home empty handed, for the rest of my money will be to feed my little body. I'm missing everyone birthday while Im here :[. Happy B day's Davina, Steu and Linda! I saw the ics and it looks like you guys had tons of fun.

We went to this place called Bar 333, it was a lot of fun, they loved us in there ;]

Not everyone is enjoying this Sydney experience...three girls have left, i mean packed up and went back home. They were all "friends" here but I have to admit, no one really made them feel too welcome. It started off with one girl leaving, then another, and the final girl figured she'd have no friends so she went home today too. I feel bad for them in some regards but on the other hand its like why leave because of other people. I would be one thing If you got sick here, or you were failing your classes. To pay all of this money and make it this far into the program is kind of punkish, am I harsh? I just couldn't face my family coming home for a reason like that. My god sister got ill went she went to africa and the last thing she wanted to do was come home. To each his/her own I suppose.

I'm working on my eight page paper, Im half way done. It's due on friday.
Im writing my paper on a film directed by Rolf de Heer staring Nicolas hope. Its called Bad Boy Bubby. I think it is one of the greatest films I've ever seen. Out of the piles of films our professor had Im s glad I picked up this one. I can't wait to show Maurice, I know he will be inspired. The film is about a man whose Christian fanatical mother keeps him confined to a cellar until he's thirty five. Thats all I'm going to say. Oh and that the acting is phenomenal. I will bring it home to share!

I can't believe the film festival is almost over! Then we will have a week vacation [Blue Mountains here we come] and one final week of entertainment promotions class. Wow!

Australian finds:

-they do not wear Uggs, like at all
-they have one bar for beer and wine and cocktails at a separate bar
-toilet paper, toothpaste etc. smaller than in US
-they like our accents, we sound like we're from t.v.
-Mc Donalds, no dollar menu, but a dessert bar
-Chinese people run this shit

Very tired, goodnight.
So I have chest pain. I started getting them towards the end of the school year. I don't think I have asthma, that would be way too random. My chest gets tight when I inhale, [sigh, ouch!] webMd is no help! Oh and the people next door must be sumo wrestling or having, geesh! Tomorrow night should be fun, goin out with the girls. Saw a pretty good film today. The first one we've seen written and directed by a woman, whopee!
So I sat in the park in the sun today. Watched the swans and the pigeons live together in harmony. If only humans could do that. I read more of mommy's book, "The Friday Night Knitting Club"[ how do I italicize on this thing!?] and ate my pb and j sandwhich... It makes me feel warm and homey. The book, not the sandwhich. I think Im getting a bit better at this blog thing. It was weird at first I admit.
Jade[roomie] and I ate at this tiny restaurant called Connected. Pretty damn good linguini...and they have wifi, two points for wireless. Our waitress was from Amsterdam, random. You never know who you're going to meet in this damn city. O Sydney, you treat me well.

Well folks until...probably tomorrow. ;]
So we woke up this morning to a leak in our bathroom. All of the mats we bought are soaked and will probably start to smell soon if we don't wash them. We went down to the front desk looking a mess to get a matinence man to fix it. So now we can't go to our required film this morning at 10 am. They gave us a key to another room to shower in but we still won't make it to the film on time with all of the running up and down the to front desk.